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In an effort to deliver the best product we can for red wine lovers we have some questions for everyone who loves red wine to answer! 

If you’ve recently purchased or have tried Wine Nots, we want to know your thoughts and opinions so that we can make our product the very best it can be. If you haven’t tried Wine Nots yet, there is no better time like the present… just click here.

For anyone wondering HOW TO GET RID OF RED WINE STAINS from their teeth, tongue, lips, and mouth, we want the answer to be Wine Nots!

We’re committed to a product that works, that delivers on it’s promise to remove red wine stains every single time, that is affordable, that is accessible, that tastes great, and is convenient for all red wine lovers to carry with them as needed. 

To help us do this, the survey below will take just 60 seconds of your time. Basically, we just ask how often you drink red wine, if you suffer from stains, if you like our candies or would prefer a spray, and how much you’d like to pay…

Truly, thank-you so much, your feedback is greatly appreciated. 

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