Which Wine Goes Best With Thanksgiving Turkey?

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, let’s not forget the basics of wine pairings with your famous Thanksgiving dishes and desserts!

With a rich meal ahead diverse in flavors, it can be challenging to choose a red wine that compliments the full Thanksgiving spread of turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, vegetables, and pumpkin pie! 

But don’t worry, we’re here to help. 

Here are our picks for the Top 4 Red Wines For Your Thanksgiving Meal: 

  1. Pinot Noir: A go-to for any Thanksgiving meal, its’ subtle earthy undertones, light flavour and body a great pairing for the whole turkey dinner.

We suggest: Whitcraft Winery Pinot Noir Santa Barbara County 2016, $40

  1. Zinfandel: A slightly more full-bodied red wine than Pinot Noir that’s more fruit-forward, a Zinfandel will suit those with richer and sweeter preferences, who probably took an extra helping of sweet potato casserole. Zinfandels have the capacity to accommodate for all kinds of spices that you may include in your cooking, and pair just as well with savoury dishes too.

We suggest: Caymus Vineyards 2017 Zinfandel, $44

  1. Syrah/Shiraz: A unique red wine that brings a peppery edge for the meat-focused characters on your Thanksgiving table. Syrah grapes have spicy notes that pair well with herb-infused stuffing, and both light and dark turkey meat. 

From one of our favorite local wineries, we suggest: Biltmore Estate Syrah, $19

  1. Beaujolais Nouveau: This red wine is less common and lesser-known to our previous three and worth trying! The Gamay grape has light and fruity notes, for those who perhaps are just switching their tastes from white to our clear favourite, red wine. 

We suggest: 2015 Damien Coquelet Chiroubles, $22- $28

Don’t Forget Dessert!

Last but certainly not least, a glass of wine to go with your delicious pumpkin or pecan pie! Honestly, any of the above you already have open will do. We do love a late-harvest Riesling to bring flavors of honey and richness to your pecan pie. Or, if you’re looking to switch it up, what about Sherry? A Cream Sherry will compliment your pumpkin pie with a delicious nutty, spice-filled, sweet flavour. 

If your family is anything like ours, the bottles will continue to be open and drank all night long, and by around glass 3 teeth and tongues will turn purple, and “DON’T POST THAT” will be heard yelling across the room regarding the photos with dreaded red wine mouth… 

Be prepared. Don’t be subject to embarrassing red wine stains on your teeth this Thanksgiving! Remove stains with minimal effort using Wine Nots all holiday season long from Thanksgiving to Christmas, and New Years eve!