Wine Not?

When a lady introduced herself to me at a Country Club event, I couldn’t take my eyes off her mouth.

It was discolored by red wine and I immediately realized that mine probably would be too!

I politely excused myself to evaluate my “red wine mouth” situation and sure enough my entire mouth was stained. I attempted to use soap and a paper towel to remove the discoloration but had no luck.

After extensively searching for a solution to my dreaded wine mouth problem, I was surprised that there were no products available to address this dilemma. So, I decided to create my own.

I wanted to develop a tablet that could be taken discreetly and that’s how Wine Nots started. Wine Nots not only removes red wine stains in your mouth, teeth and on your lips instantly, it’s patented as a mouth cleanser and freshener as well.

So go ahead, drink red wine at any event you choose. Enjoy that second or third glass… finish the whole bottle if you want to!  When red wine is the question, the answer should always be why not? #WineNot 

Lynette Batton

Creator of Wine Nots


“I can’t believe how well these work! Now I don’t have to switch to vodka sodas after one glass of red. I can have as many glasses as I want and take a Wine Not to cleanse and refresh. I like the sour candy flavour and how fresh my breath is afterwards!”

Hayley, Calgary AB
“LOVE this product. It is a great palate cleanser during a wine tasting as well as a quick fix to get rid of red wine mouth. Highly recommended.”
Berkley, Norfolk VA

“Wine Nots are awesome… and tasty! Wine not save yourself the embarrassment of red wine mouth?!”

Niki, Greensboro NC