Wines that leave the worst mouth stains, and how to avoid red wine mouth

A big concern when it comes to wine is red wine stains! To be specific, red wine stains on clothing, furniture, and teeth.  But red wine drinkers know that it’s not just the staining of teeth they have to worry about. Red wine can stain your teeth, tongue, lips, and whole mouth as well. Red wine drinkers also know that some wines that are worse than others for leaving mouth discoloration including both short and long term stains. In this blog we will explain why the dreaded red wine mouth problem happens, which wines are the worst, and ultimately how the red wine mouth problem can be avoided and eliminated all together.

So, you’re out for drinks with friends or co-workers… Maybe it’s a work event, maybe it’s half-priced wine night at your local spot. You’re enjoying yourself and your Malbec, and then you go to immortalize the moment in a photo and *flash* you look like a vampire! Your mouth and teeth are purple and you’re embarrassed… Now what? You delete the photo of course, and then run to the bathroom and try to scrub your teeth. Nothing works! That’s when the girl in the bathroom with you offers you a Wine Nots. A fellow red wine lover, she’s on a first date and of course wants to stay classy while sharing a bottle of Cabernet with her date. She says that she loves Wine Nots because they are as discreet as a mint and they completely cleanse your mouth, of stains and of aftertastes too. Wine Nots ensure she’s always camera, and kiss ready. You take one, say thanks, and a minute later, WOW – your teeth are back to pearly white and you are ready for that group picture. Thanks Wine Nots!

So what’s the science behind red wine staining? Why are some wines worse than others, and why do some people experience staining so much worse than others? Well, along with coffee, wine is one of the worst beverages to cause teeth stains and enamel erosion. This is thanks to chromogens, otherwise known as the pigment in red wine. These chromogens are also found in coffee, tea, and berries, which are other culprits to stain your teeth. Dark pigment-producing substances, chromogens bind to your teeth to cause staining, and the more there are, the deeper the stain. *Ew* but they also stick easily to plaque on your teeth, which can be why they affect everyone differently. Of course colour permeation gets more intense as you go from light- wine to full-bodied dark reds, as you might have guessed. This means, Pinot Noirs, Gamay, for example have less ability to stain your teeth than say Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, or Syrah. The colour saturation caused by chromogens is not the only factor that Wine Nots address however. Another factor called tannins, contribute to stains, as well as aftertastes.

Tannins, which are plant-based pigments found in grape skins and oak barrels, can also increase red wine staining. Tannins, like chromogens have a tendency to bind to things such as enamel and the surface of your teeth, taking the dark, rich colour along with it.  For those of us who love darker red wines, it’s important to be aware that the more pigmented, the more likely your teeth will get stained. This isn’t the best news for fans of Syrah’s and Cabernet Sauvignon, as these wines are highly tannic too.

So does this mean you have to give up that evening glass of red wine you’ve been looking forward to after a long day? Or that your dentist will tell you you need to stop drinking your favorite beverage altogether? Do you love red wine so much that you need to pay for an expensive teeth whitening treatment? No. Wine-lovers do not worry! When the question is red wine, the answer is simply, Wine Not!

Wine Nots were designed to act effectively against chromogens and tannins, eliminating the discoloration they leave on your teeth, tongue, lips, and mouth. They are lemon-lime flavoured and even cleanse your palate of any tarte or residual aftertastes. They fit in your pocket and are discreet to use, simply place one on your tongue as if it were a mint, and wait for it to dissolve.

To help whiten teeth, remove mouth stains and aftertastes, right now you can try a free sample of Wine Nots. See for yourself how they work their magic on your teeth!

“I can’t believe how well these work! Now I don’t have to switch to vodka sodas after one glass of red, I can have as many as I want and then take a Wine Not to cleanse and refresh. I like the sour taste too!”


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